Gartner: Three top trends in cyber security for 2024

Gartner: Three top trends in cyber security for 2024

Like most other careers in cybersecurity, it’ll be a great start to earn your degree relating to the cybersecurity specialist category and then get industry certifications, clearances, and practical experience. The employment of information security analysts, which includes cybersecurity specialists, is predicted to grow 36 percent by 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Additionally, cybersecurity specialists are often called on in times of crisis or emergency — or when there are issues with networks or data systems. There are numerous opportunities for highly technical roles, like cybersecurity specialists and developers, at cybersecurity companies. Many large corporations are also setting up their own cybersecurity taskforces and are increasingly hiring cybersecurity specialists.

  • While cybersecurity analysis is a technical role with some job-specific skills, you’ll also want to develop your workplace skills—some of these may even transfer from your previous experiences.
  • This requires changes to application and data security practices and to user monitoring.
  • An information systems security officer’s role is to perform preventive measures to protect a company’s data and systems from hackers or cyber-attacks.
  • Cybercrimes are punishable by law, and those who are skilled in identifying the culprits are highly valued in the IT security industry.
  • Cybersecurity Specialists are information technology (IT) professionals who safeguard and protect the company’s networks.
  • Internships allow you to learn from seasoned cybersecurity professionals and gain hands-on experience.
  • From protecting against cyber-attacks to investigating security incidents, developing security protocols, and offering consultation, their responsibilities are vast and varied.

The benefits of cyber security training and certifications for specialists are numerous. Firstly, they enhance the overall skillset of professionals, enabling them to better protect organizations from cyber threats. Secondly, they increase career prospects and earning potential, as certified specialists are often in high demand. Lastly, they demonstrate a commitment to professional development and continuous learning, which is highly valued in the field. Additionally, the field of cyber security offers opportunities in incident response, security architecture, network security, and much more.

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They search for vulnerabilities in software, hardware, networks, and data centers and design strategies and defensive systems to protect against attacks and threats. Cyber security specialists are in demand with a continued growth projection and a robust salary. This profession will continue to evolve as technology advances and as new security concerns continue to develop. As cybercrime continues to grow, the need for cybersecurity professionals will remain high. Becoming a cybersecurity specialist requires a good understanding of the field, relevant skills, and industry certification.

  • They are responsible for making sure that networks and computer systems are up-to-date and not vulnerable to software bugs.
  • With the increasing prevalence of cyber attacks, their expertise and skills are in high demand.
  • They act as a team of security specialists that use their skill in securely operating and keeping data to protect the organization’s most essential asset.
  • Cybersecurity specialists test for areas of potential exposure in interconnected computer networks, document their findings and provide solutions for vulnerabilities.
  • In this article, we’ll explore various paths toward getting a job in cybersecurity—even if you have no industry experience.

A cyber security specialist plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access to valuable data. A cyber security specialist is responsible how to become a security specialist for an organization’s online information safety. A cyber security specialist may also be responsible for incident response, disaster recovery, and developing security policies.

Network Security Engineer

Cybersecurity specialists can anticipate strong employment growth over the coming decade. For example, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 32% projected employment growth rate for information security analysts from 2022 to 2032. This title encompasses roles like cybersecurity analyst and information security specialist. Payscale also reports that in 2023, cybersecurity specialists will be compensated across a wide range, depending on experience, responsibilities, and geography. Another aspect of a cybersecurity specialist’s job is the design of firewalls and other security measures to make sure that information and proprietary networks are compliant with the most recent security standards.

They also provide guidance on regulatory compliance, industry standards, and best practices. Another prevalent threat is malware, malicious software that can infiltrate systems and cause significant damage. Cyber security specialists employ proactive measures like antivirus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to prevent malware from compromising networks and devices. They also stay updated with the latest malware trends and work closely with threat intelligence teams to develop effective countermeasures and quickly respond to emerging threats. As technology advances and new threats emerge, the field of cyber security will continue to evolve, requiring specialists to adapt and expand their skill set. Another reason why cyber security is essential is the potential financial and reputational damage that can result from a successful cyber attack.

What Does an Information Security Software Developers Do?

Generally speaking, information assurance engineers are paid $4,104 lower than cyber security specialists per year. Over half (59 percent) of all cybersecurity positions require at least one certification, according to data from Burning Glass Technologies [5]. Earning a cybersecurity certification can be a great way to validate your skills to recruiters and potential employers. Preparing for an exam doubles as a way to learn more about the field and build your skills. Take a look at some of the most popular cybersecurity certifications companies are hiring for. The average annual salary quoted in US job listings for cybersecurity analysts from May 2022 through April 2023 was $107,517, according to CyberSeek [1].

what does a cyber security specialist do

Develop those skills, and you can make yourself a more competitive candidate for the tens of thousands of open cybersecurity analyst jobs in the US. To become a software security engineer, one must have a strong understanding of computer science and software development. A software security engineer is responsible for ensuring the safety of software applications by identifying and mitigating security risks.

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