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Enterprise Assurance Sales Development (EASD) Programme  by Bluefin Academy

EASD Programme by Bluefin Academy is especially structured to hand-held financial services practitioners from classroom to prospecting to client engagement – to enable them to move up the value chain and sell life insurance to business owners, who collectively form the core of high net worth individuals (HNWI).

The 6-component services under the EASD Programme include:
1.    Expertise Transfer – Certificate in EXITCompensation™ Planning for Business
2.    License to use POWERPITCH – a proprietary sales presentation system
3.    Marketing Support (Partner with and Leverage on Bluefin Academy)
4.    Prospecting Support (Securing Sales Opportunities)
5.    Sales Support (Case Consultations and Client Engagement)
6.    Continued Education Programme


  Certificate in EXITCompensation™ Planning for Business

Certificate in EXITCompensation™ Planning for Business is one of the 6-component services under EnterpriseAssurance Sales Development (EASD) Program by Bluefin Academy.

A 3 full-day classroom study programme on life insurance for business application,
EXITCompensation™ Planning for Business is a wide-ranging foundation qualification every financial services practitioner must undergo if they want to work the business-owner market and sell life insurance for business applications.

It is unlike other post-entry certified/chartered qualifications, which are largely a branding asset that does not quite enable the participants to break new grounds, acquire new expertise or enter into new markets. They merely strengthen the basic competency acquired in the entry qualifications, albeit not because it is not valuable. Neither is it a narrowly-theme business/keyman insurance workshop/seminar, which is micro in nature and focusses only on certain aspect of a full course.

Conversely, Certificate in
EXITCompensation™ Planning for Business is a both growth capital and a direct sales-making asset that adds new knowledge and skills not quite found, or are fragmented or incomplete, in the said post-entry qualifications. It is the one and only study programme on life insurance for business application that ticks highly in all of the following course evaluation denominators: Completeness, Accuracy, Thoroughness, Clarity and Helpfulness.

Course Contents (Highlights)

1. Business and Legal Frameworks of Target Market

2. Relevant Taxation and Tax Gain Concepts:


3. Concerns and Needs Arising from Business Ownership, namely in respect:


4. Application Concepts of EXITCompensation™ for Business:

5. Makings and Arrangements including Terms and Provisions for Agreements

6. Strategic Marketing Concepts

7. Prospecting and Approach

8. Sales Presentation and Client Engagement (First Interview)

Who Should Attend

• Every insurance practitioner who wants to be thoroughly competent in life insurance for business applications, including those who may have attended business/keyman insurance workshops/seminars

• Every financial services practitioner who is practising or plans to practice estate planning

• Every private banking relationship managers and bancassurance sales staff as well as corporate/enterprise/SME banking officer tasked to generate non-interest revenue

• Last but not least, underwriting staff of life insurance companies who wants to have a complete understanding of all the application concepts of life insurance for business and business owners as well as its arrangements




Every graduate of Certificate in EXITCompensation™ Planning for Business will also be trained in and licensed to use Bluefin Academy’s POWERPITCH.

This winner of million-dollar policy sales system in PowerPoint is as powerful for the prospect to appreciate and buy into the concepts as it is efficient and effective for the user to demonstrate the value and significance of, as well as the need for, life insurance-based
EXITCompensation™ for Business. Most importantly, it can power the user to achieve in-principal sale during the first interview, which many did, including first-time users.

POWERPITCH starts with an introduction that enables the user to demonstrate the relevance, value and significance of his/her work to the prospect. From there, it goes on to enable the user to zoom in into the prospect’s desired end plan (post-exit option). Thereafter, the user will be guided step-by-step by the paradigm-shifting visuals to establish the problems, highlight the benefits and advantages of the relevant
EXITCompensation™ concepts and how it addresses the prospect’s concerns and satisfy his/her needs.

The user only needs to move in and motivate action.
(Feel the power of POWERPITCH, call us and we will be delighted to do a demo)


  Marketing and Networking Support 

Under this post-course support service, our course graduates can choose to partner with and leverage on Bluefin Academy, which is neither an insurer nor a financial adviser company, but a school.

Specifically, they may elect to carry Bluefin Academy’s name card and conduct their marketing and networking activities under the banner of Bluefin Academy, as its Volunteer Ambassador whose duty is to assist the school to create greater awareness about EXITCompensation™ for Business to business owners, thereby creating sales opportunities for themselves, in a most effective way.



 Prospecting Support 

Under this post-course assistance scheme, Volunteer Ambassadors may elect to participate in and leverage on awareness campaigns and activities Bluefin Academy may from time to time undertake, with a view to create and secure sales opportunities for themselves.

Besides participation in mini worksite exhibitions and public talks/seminars, Volunteer Ambassadors may also shortlist their own prospects for the academy to write to, to introduce and enlighten them on EXITCompensation™ for Business. In this prospecting assistance initiative, the Volunteer Ambassador will be named in the correspondence as the designated representative from Bluefin Academy – to follow-up and brief these business owners about EXITCompensation™ for Business. And with the business owner’s consent, the Volunteer Ambassador may proceed to represent himself/herself to advise the business owners on their needs and assist them to acquire the necessary insurance.



 Sales Support 

Every graduate of Certificate in EXITCompensation™ Planning for Business may seek case consultation service from Bluefin Academy’s Chief Trainer. The usual consultation fee of $700 onwards for each case will be waived for the graduates subject to a maximum of 3 cases each and provided the consultations were sought within 3 months from the course commencement date. 



  Continued Education Programme

As part of our graduate development program, course graduates are entitled to attend at no charge, actual case-study workshops and sales clinics Bluefin Academy may from time to time organise. They will also be entitled to preferred rates if they attend any Bluefin Academy-organised continued education programmes for the industry players at large.



  About the Course Trainer

Edmund Toh is the founding director of Bluefin Academy and its Chief Trainer. He is also the creator of EXITCompensation™ for Business and has been conducting the course since 2008, which was then known as Make Shareholders Your Client. The popularity of the course shot up rapidly when the course was upgraded and offered through Enterprise Financials in 2012, which is the predecessor of Bluefin Academy Pte Ltd.

Begun as a life insurance sales agent, Edmund has been in the life insurance industry since 1981. His sales training and agent development work started at agency level in the mid 80’s. In 1991, he was hired by a leading life insurer as its deputy head for agency development and training. From then till he traded his senior management job in the insurance industry for private practise in training in 2001, Edmund was also working for 2 other insurers, in the capacity of Head of Agency and Training as well as Country Agency Manager.

During his tenure with these companies, Edmund was also concurrently an active and long-serving lecturer with Singapore College of Insurance (SCI). The 3 out of 6 Life Insurance Diploma modules he was appointed by SCI to lecture include Law and Taxation, Life Insurance Salesmanship and New Business.

Other courses Edmund lectured for SCI include Applications of Life Insurance for Business, of which the course contents were developed by Edmund; as well as Agency Management Course and Ethics Course.

Edmund also held the office of Chief Examiner and led a team in the development of exam questions bank and administer LUATC (Personal and Business Insurance Sales Course) Examinations for LUA, the predecessor of IFPAS. At the same time, he was also a trained and qualified course moderator for LUATC program and LUTC (Fellows) programme and moderated every single module of the 2 said programmes.