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About Us and Our Deal


Why Bluefin Academy Exists

New life insurance business opportunities from business owner-market are never more abundant. After all, the scope of life insurance needs arising from business ownership is much wider than most thought (take a quick glance). But more importantly, this segment will continue to grow since entrepreneurship is a growing career trend.

However, notwithstanding the maturity and success of Singapore’s life insurance industry, life insurance needs arising from business ownership remains largely untapped. There are a few reasons that give rise to this supply gap. Chief among them is expertise, or the lack of. And this weak link is not limited to technical knowledge but includes life insurance application concepts for business (enterprise assurance), as well as general and specific sales and marketing narratives. 



  Bluefin Academy exists to change that.

And we set out to make the difference by working with the industry’s most important people – the sales makers – who are but the breadwinners of everyone else in the industry, whether they like it or not. Finally, these awesome but often under-appreciated heroes and heroines of every stakeholder of the industry, never again have to walk alone when they walk up to business owners who, many of our humble client-converters found them to be one league too high to scale.

Our Deal


At Bluefin Academy, we will first empower enterprising practitioners to engage this prized market segment by nourishing their grey matter with a never before wide-ranging foundation course (not narrowly-themed workshops), which is the first of a 6-component service under our Enterprise Assurance Sales Development (EASD) Programme. Following this rich classroom experience that arms them with ground-breaking expertise, we will let them leverage on us as they go about marketing themselves and when they embark to prospect and create sales opportunities. And we will still be with them when they prise open the first doors – they will be entitled to consult us and seek our assistance to make their cases. After that, well, our door will still remain open for them, as their business resource centre. For those who choose us as their learning and sales development partner, there is a more tangible difference in them – they each will carry along with them in their tablet or laptop, a client-converter system (POWERPITCH). This is our way of ensuring that they never again have to walk alone when walking up to business owners.


And no, at Bluefin Academy we are not content with just being the best enterprise assurance training provider. We also want to be the top producer of enterprise assurance sales producers. 

The vision we will make happen – to strengthen financial planning as a choice profession:

Before Bluefin Academy

Edmund Toh is the founding director of Bluefin Academy and its Chief Trainer. He is also the creator of EXITCompensation™ for Business and has been conducting the course since 2008, which was then known as Make Shareholders Your Client. The popularity of the course shot up rapidly when the course was upgraded and offered through Enterprise Financials in 2012, which is the predecessor of Bluefin Academy Pte Ltd.

About the Chief Trainer

Begun as a life insurance sales agent, Edmund has been in the life insurance industry since 1981. His sales training and agent development work started at agency level in the mid 80’s. In 1991, he was hired by a leading life insurer as its deputy head for agency development and training. From then till he traded his senior management job in the insurance industry for private practise in training in 2001, Edmund was also working for 2 other insurers, in the capacity of Head of Agency and Training as well as Country Agency Manager.

During his tenure with these companies, Edmund was also concurrently an active and long-serving lecturer with Singapore College of Insurance (SCI). The 3 out of 6 Life Insurance Diploma modules he was appointed by SCI to lecture include Law and Taxation, Life Insurance Salesmanship and New Business.

Other courses Edmund lectured for SCI include Applications of Life Insurance for Business, of which the course contents were developed by Edmund; as well as Agency Management Course and Ethics Course.

Edmund also held the office of Chief Examiner and led a team in the development of exam questions bank and administer LUATC (Personal and Business Insurance Sales Course) Examinations for LUA, the predecessor of IFPAS. At the same time, he was also a trained and qualified course moderator for LUATC program and LUTC (Fellows) programme and moderated every single module of the 2 said programmes.